who is morris?

Hello, it's me, morris.

The title of this page is a bit misleading I'm afraid. I can't really answer the question. The reason is quite simple - I change so often, sometimes I am me (I think) and sometimes I might just be you, and at other times I just wan't to die because I feel so worthless.

I am struggling to answer this question myself - who am I? - or maybe who am I most of the time. Who are you by the way?

who is morris?

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I grew up in england, down south, but I've been around since then, I was a wandering ghost, looking for something like all of us. Of course I didn't find it, otherwise you wouldn't be reading this now. I made the mistake of looking out there instead of in here (I'm pointing at my heart at the moment).

I found out I should just go back to the beginning of this thing called morris and fathom out what happened and try to solve the mystery in this way.

One question that I often get asked is if I'm real or not. What is that - real? - are you real? If you think you are, then I'd love to hear why. Just send me an email to

Be seeing you around I hope, if you wan't to find out my, then read my story.

regards and love, morris.